Sunday, November 6, 2011

Danielle said . . .

So Danielle is talking up a storm now.  People told me that second children often don't talk as early as first children do.  Um, Danielle is proving them wrong.  She is talking just as much as Peter did at this age.  Her words are not as clear as his were, but she is getting her point across!!  We were coming home from Taco Cabana tonight, and she had her drink with her in the backseat.  She wanted to take the lid off of the cup to eat the ice (or at least that's what Peter told us).  I looked back at her and told her not to take the lid off.  This is the conversation we had --

Danielle:  Peas? (Please)

Mommy :  No, you may not take the lid off.

Danielle :  Peas?

Mommy :  No, you may not take the lid off.

Danielle :  Peas?

Mommy :  It will make a mess.  No, you may not take the lid off. 

Danielle starts to pull at the lid and at the same time says --

Danielle:  Ha, ha, ha (with a little smirk like "I'll show you")

Andrew and I were trying so hard to keep it together.  It was HILARIOUS!!  I took the cup away, she cried, and then she got a second chance.  The lid stayed on the rest of the way home.

Peter Said . . .

Peter was watching a show before bed tonight.  The show had finished, but the credits were still rolling.  I asked Peter to turn off the show and come get his jammies on.  His response?

Peter:  I don't know my letters very well.  This is helping me learn.

I honestly had no idea what to say.  He finished watching the credits and came right over to get his jammies on.  :)