Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mount Bonnell

Today was the first Saturday of the month, so that meant our morning started off at Home Depot.  Well, technically, Andrew and Peter started off their morning at the car dealership getting a free oil change, but for Danielle and me, our morning started with donuts for breakfast and a trip to Home Depot.  Home Depot offers a workshop for kids each month, and Peter and Danielle absolutely love it!!  Today's project was a bank that looked like a horse.  After building it, the kids painted it.  Painting is their favorite part. :)

We stopped at Old Navy after leaving Home Depot because they had jeans on sale and we had rewards money.  The kids love to pose with the manquins at the front of the store.  I remember my older brother doing the same exact thing when he was little. Danielle immediately asked for a picture.  Each kid picked out a pair of jeans, I grabbed a pair of shorts for Peter, and we were on our way.  The weather was kind of cloudy and overcast, so Andrew thought it would be a good day to go to Mount Bonnell.

Mount Bonnell is one of the highest points in Austin.  You can see for miles and miles and miles.  The houses in the area are AMAZING, and you can even see downtown Austin. It's really just a neat place to go and look at everything.  Andrew and I went there when we were dating.  We've taken his family there when they visited.  The last time we went was when Andrew's family was in and I was pregnant with Danielle.  Peter was really too little to remember anything, so both kids had fun exploring a place that was really new to both of them.

After walking up the main part to the best lookout area, Peter discovered that you could keep going further than most people go.  We ended up following a little path through the woods, and the kids loved it!  It was really short and pretty easy to walk, but it reminded me of going camping with my cousins and exploring trails or all the trails at Camp Peniel, the camp I grew up attending and working at in the summer.  We had a great time, and I can't wait to do it again!