Friday, February 24, 2012

Garbage Day!!!

Tuesday is an exciting day around our house if we happen to hear the garbage truck coming.  It's been an extremely strange winter here as far as temperature goes, and last Tuesday just happened to feel like spring.  We spent most of the morning outside in the front yard.  First on the list?

Garbage Truck Sighting!!

The kids have always loved watching the garbage truck come down the street.  They wave to the garbage men and watch them as they collect the trash from each house.  We talked about the job of a garbage man and how important it is. 

Then it was on to roly polies!  The kids had two different agendas in this area.  Danielle's agenda was to smoosh them.  This was quite upsetting to Peter, as his agenda was to collect as many as possible and play with them.  He even found a roly poly that he said was hurt and spent some time really talking to it and trying to get it to feel better.  Peter informed me that he is a roly poly expert, so he knows how to help roly polies who are not doing well.  His expert information must have impressed Danielle because she eventually stopped smooshing them and started playing with the roly polies as well.

Before heading inside for lunch, the kids also rode around on their outside toys/bikes/trikes/scooters, colored with chalk, and even did a little artwork with crayons.  I took the opportunity to try to teach leaf rubbings.   The kids loved watching the leaf appear on the paper as I rubbed the crayon.

Staying home with the kids right now has been such a blessing.  We are able to enjoy doing so many things that we couldn't do if I was working.  I get to be so involved in their little lives, and I love it!!!