Saturday, June 29, 2013


We arrived at Grandma and Grandpa's house late afternoon, and the kids played outside for HOURS!!!  Peter got a New Jersey bike last summer, so this summer was Danielle's turn.  She has only recently learned how to pedal Peter's old Spider-Man bike, so she was so excited to have her own bike here in New Jersey. With Aunt Amy's help, she rode up and down the street over and over again.  Peter also enjoyed riding his bike, but he was going so fast that it was making me nervous!!

One of the foods we enjoy eating in New Jersey is pizza, and Peter has been asking for weeks if we were going to eat pizza on our first night here.  Thankfully everyone here was thinking the same thing.  Amy wrote the pizza order on the magnadoodle so Grandpa would know what to order - cheese for Danielle, pepperoni for Peter, and meatball on a whole wheat crust for Daddy.  It was sooooo yummy!!!

We also had lots of company throughout the evening as well.  Grandma Ruth came over for pizza, and Aunt Lois and Uncle Henry showed up to say hi as well.  After dinner, Grandma Dot, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Dave, Gwen (Andrew's cousin), and Matthew (Gwen's 7-year-old son) came over with ice cream for dessert.  Everyone was in town for Grandma Dot's 90th birthday party, so it was nice to see family we haven't seen in a long time.  Matthew, Peter, and Danielle had the best time playing together and catching lightening bugs.  .

The biggest excitement for the day, though, was Aunt Kim's news.  She spent most of the day with David, her boyfriend of about 3 years.  Just before dinnertime, she came home with a ring on her finger!!  Congratulations Aunt Kim and (soon to be) Uncle David!!!

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