Friday, May 27, 2011


I took the kids to HEB this morning to get groceries.  Peter loves to look at the lobsters, so we went there right after picking out some limes, corn, carrots, celery, bell peppers, and cucumbers.  The fish counter is right by the lobster tank.  We never buy fish because I have never been brave enough to cook it, but it caught Peter's eye today.  We spent some time looking at all of the fish, and we finally decided on tilapia.  Peter watched the guy wrap it up and insisted on carrying it throughout the rest of the trip through the aisles. 

Once we were home, he wanted to eat it right away.  I convinced him that 10am wasn't the best time for fish and offered a carrot instead.  He was ok with that once I also told him that I would cook it for dinner. 

I started getting dinner ready around 5pm.  Peter pulled a stool up to the counter to help shuck the corn.  He put all of his effort into getting every little string off.  Then it was time to season the fish.  He put seasoning on both sides of the fish to make it taste good (that's what he told me).  While the fish was cooking, he set the table. 

Once dinner was finally ready, he was one excited boy!  He couldn't wait to eat the fish.  He kept saying how he had never tasted fish before (um, and I don't think he actually has) and how yummy it was going to be.  Once it was cool enough to eat, he dug in.  He was thrilled that he was able to cut it himself with his fork, and he LOVED it!  He ate 3 helpings along with his corn and some rice.  He even asked Andrew several times if he thought it tasted good.  He was so proud of himself!!


I lost my memory card that I use in my good camera.  I think I have also lost my memory.  I took the memory card out of my camera so I download all of the fun pictures I took in Houston last week.  I shot most of them in RAW, so I knew they would be huge files to download.  I also knew that my laptop is going soooooo sllloooowww because of all of the pictures I have on it.  So I had the brilliant idea to move most of my picture files to an external hard drive.  I plugged the laptop into the hard drive and began moving files.  When I went to grab the memory card so I could download the new pictures to my computer, I couldn't find it.  I have looked all over the living room, and I cannot find it.  Hoping I find it soon!!

On the bright side, I am now downloading a month's worth of pictures from the memory card in my other camera.  I guess it's time to get some of them posted. :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sick Baby Girl

This is what a sick little girl looks like.  Danielle started acting sick Saturday morning.  She had a runny nose, lots of drainage, and a cough.  She threw up in her bed Saturday during her nap.  After a nasty diaper Sunday morning, I thought it was a stomach virus.  She was pretty irritable Sunday evening, but she slept all night Sunday night.  She seemed ok on Monday morning, so off to the sitter she went.  When I picked her up Monday afternoon, she was playing in the backyard.  While in the car on the way home, she had a terrible coughing fit that caused her to throw up.  Looking back, I don't think it was a stomach virus - I think that she has a horrible gag reflex (like her Mommy - it's even documented in the paperwork from the Scott & White ER when they were testing for all sorts of things that could have been causing me to be so sick) that causes her to throw up when she coughs too much or too hard.  It's been an interesting few days with a little girl who just wants to be held, doesn't want to eat, and is just pretty miserable.  Thank goodness she has so many clothes because she's had at least 6 baths in the past 3 days.

I'm thankful that this is the first time Danielle has been sick with something that has lasted over 24 hours.  Peter was sick all the time when he was a baby, so Danielle being so healthy has been such a blessing.  In fact, Peter was sick at the exact same age as Danielle is now - I guess Hazen babies don't do well at 16 months!!

Thankfully she is sleeping in her bed even though she doesn't feel well.  She wakes herself up coughing, but she is awesome at putting herself back to sleep.  I even gave her a pillow in her crib to keep her head elevated.  She loves having a soft pillow like a big girl!! 

Feel better soon sweet girl!!